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Telephone details

  • T: 01243 860982
  • M: 0755 191 5656


About me

I’ve had nearly twenty five years experience designing and developing multimedia content for all sorts of platforms, delivery methods and clients. I’ve made hundreds of CDROMs with Director, countless interactive applications with Flash and have spent the last eleven years making websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL &c.

I’m also a dab-hand with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Audition, can handle a camera, know a thing or two about video formats and am also fluent in sound recording, sound effects and music (composition, recording and editing). Oh, and I can also do the odd voiceover too, if required - ask me about my Hugh Laurie impression. Actually, don't, The Wife says it doesn't sound anything like him.

In my spare time I like to ponder the nature of universe and to make (and eat) biscuits. Well, when I say 'make biscuits', I really mean 'help The Wife to make biscuits' by doing the initial testing (of the final baked versions) and the washing up of the befouled implements.

I am also a serial parenthesiser (no, really) and my penchant for parenthesis is second only to my desire to hyphenate - I just can't-help-it.



Below, you can see what I've been up to recently. And not just recently - I've included some old projects here just because.

The web can be a bit ephemeral at times; sites come and go. Pages last the length of the campaign and are then consigned to the virtual landfill; hours of painstaking work reduced to pixelated rubble. This means that some of the projects below are no longer live, or have changed beyond recognition, repainted by the hands of subsequent developers, or torn-down and replaced with something wholly new.

Wherever possible for web-based projects, I will link to a live version and where not, if allowable, I'll link to a mirrored version.

It's worth noting that I don't update this section as often as I should - I blame the clients for keeping me so busy!

Mick Herron - Spook Street Mick_Herron_Spook_Street 1526421600
Mick Herron - Spook Street


Mick Herron - Spook Street

Animated book promo. Yes.

Luca D'Andrea - The Mountain Luca_D_Andrea_The_Mountain 1526421600
The Mountain by Luca D'Andrea


Luca D'Andrea - The Mountain

Animated promo for "The Mountain" by Luca D'Andrea.

Simon Toyne website Simon_Toyne_website 1432504800
Simon Toyne website header


Simon Toyne website

Responsive website for author Simon Toyne.

Theodore Boone website Theodore_Boone_website 1427238000
Theodore Boone website header


Theodore Boone website

Responsive website for John Grisham's children's books.

JKR Pitch Animation JKR_Pitch_Animation 1412978400
JKR Explore


JKR Pitch Animation

Potential movement ideas for a website pitch.

Kate Atkinson website Kate_Atkinson_website 1424905200
Kate Atkinson website header


Kate Atkinson website

Responsive website for author Kate Atkinson

Sophie Kinsella website Sophie_Kinsella_website 1410732000
Sophie Kinsella's new site


Sophie Kinsella website

Responsive website for author Sophie Kinsella.

History of Threshing History_of_Threshing 1390950000
The History of Threshing


History of Threshing

Animated segment using old wood-cut engravings.

Robert Goddard website Robert_Goddard_website 1372888800
Robert Goddard home page


Robert Goddard website

Parallax-scrolling website for author Robert Goddard.

Welcome to Dovedale Welcome_to_Dovedale 1334181600
Welcome to Dovedale


Welcome to Dovedale

Short animated piece for Buxton Museum.

Independent Police Complaints Commission Independent_Police_Complaints_Commission 1371420000
IPCC Home page concept


Independent Police Complaints Commission

Web design for the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Sharon Bolton website Sharon_Bolton_website 1366581600
Sharon Bolton site home page


Sharon Bolton website

Website for author Sharon Bolton.

Siemens - Mr Safety Siemens_Mr_Safety 1232578800
Mr Safety


Siemens - Mr Safety

Animated film featuring 'Mr. Safety'.

Hi-TEC Magnum Hi_TEC_Magnum 1249596000


Hi-TEC Magnum

Black and white boot shoot.