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Telephone details

  • T: 01243 860982
  • M: 0755 191 5656


About me

I’ve had nearly twenty five years experience designing and developing multimedia content for all sorts of platforms, delivery methods and clients. I’ve made hundreds of CDROMs with Director, countless interactive applications with Flash and have spent the last eleven years making websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL &c.

I’m also a dab-hand with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Audition, can handle a camera, know a thing or two about video formats and am also fluent in sound recording, sound effects and music (composition, recording and editing). Oh, and I can also do the odd voiceover too, if required - ask me about my Hugh Laurie impression. Actually, don't, The Wife says it doesn't sound anything like him.

In my spare time I like to ponder the nature of universe and to make (and eat) biscuits. Well, when I say 'make biscuits', I really mean 'help The Wife to make biscuits' by doing the initial testing (of the final baked versions) and the washing up of the befouled implements.

I am also a serial parenthesiser (no, really) and my penchant for parenthesis is second only to my desire to hyphenate - I just can't-help-it.


Jacqueline Wilson

Client: Transworld Publishers

Agency: Youniverse Digital Ltd


First commissioned in the summer of 2012, this site for Jacqueline Wilson has been a great success. The site is frequenlty updated with new features and the main 'townscape' graphical element has grown substantially over time. When it first went live, it included a voting system that allowed the users to decide which area of the site they wanted to be updated/expanded next.

Designed by Alex at Universe to compliment the graphical style of artist Nick Sharratt (who creates the cover illustrations for all of Jacky's books), this site was built by me with a little help from a thoroughly nice chap called Dave Everitt who made the first version of the forum.

Needless to say, it has a comprehensive, bespoke CMS, and lots of other html/php/javascript goodness too.

This is a big author site with lots of areas that keep the kids engaged - here are some stats (as of Sept 2015): It has 222,351 Registered users who between them have generated 5,422,840 Book views. Users have submitted 45,134 book reviews, 127,377 forum posts, 243,221 diary entries and written 62,426 stories.

There are too many features to list them all here, but here are a few in no particular order: personalised user area, personal diary, a story-writing app, send messages to your friends, games, a simple forum, town take-overs, downloads, competitions, user galleries etc.