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Telephone details

  • T: 01243 860982
  • M: 0755 191 5656


About me

I’ve had over twenty six years experience designing and developing multimedia content for all sorts of platforms, delivery methods and clients. I’ve made hundreds of CDROMs with Director, countless interactive applications with Flash and have spent much of the last twelve years making websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL &c., although the last four years have seen me moving more and more into video-based animation.

I’m a dab-hand with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Audition, can handle a camera, know a thing or two about video formats and am also fluent in sound recording, sound effects and music (composition, recording and editing). Oh, and I can also do the odd voiceover too, if required - ask me about my Hugh Laurie impression. Actually, don't, The Wife says it doesn't sound anything like him.

In my spare time I like to ponder the nature of universe and to make biscuits. Well, when I say 'make biscuits', I really mean 'help The Wife to make biscuits' by doing the initial testing of the final baked versions (REALITY-CHECK: that's called 'eating biscuits') and doing the washing up of the befouled implements.

I am also a serial parenthesiser (no, really) and my penchant for parenthesis is second only to my desire to hyphenate - I just can't-help-it.


Welcome to Dovedale

Agency: Youniverse Digital Ltd


OK. I'm not sure what this project is actually called, but it was for the Buxton Museum in Derbyshire.

Supplied with a storyboard and a giant, layered Photoshop file, my role was to create the animation you see below. I also created the soundtrack - voices, effects, all of that stuff. My favourite bit is the little dog that bounces around the chap sitting underneath the tree.

Designed to be played on a big telly (some of the elements are quite small) so make sure you make it full-screen when you watch.

I suspect that it was destined to have a voice-over and be a part of a longer video with live action and talking-heads etc. but I haven't seen that bit.

Oh, that's my arm that drags the map into view at the start - now, where do I sign-up for Equity...